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Info List[edit]


  • Security - Safe use of microservices splitting design.
  • Stability - State-of-the-art distributed cluster architecture adopted by the platform.
  • Professionalism - A high level team composed of experts in blockchain, finance and AI.
  • Efficiency - A memory matching system of megabits per second.


Bibox Mobile App[edit]

Video List[edit]

Official Bibox YouTube channel: NA

  • (no official video channel found, if you do find any any official or good video, kindly embed it below)

Part 1: Introduction of Tom
(Published on Oct 14, 2017)

00:00 Hey Steve here from Bibox, I'm marketing associate with them, and today we have Tom.
00:04 Tom how about we begin just introducing yourself.
00:06 Yep so my name is Tom, I'm currently an advisor to Bibox.
00:09 I started my career at a management consulting company called Booz Allen Hamilton.
00:14 It's what Edward Snowden was when he leaked the NSA file so that's um what most people know.
00:18 Okay.
00:18 After that I was at Deutsche Bank doing time as a product manager.
00:24 So I'm familiar the whole investment banking landscape, the trading landscape.
00:27 I mean I really see how antiquated slow a lot of the you know the front-end banking financial services processes.
00:32 All right about that.
00:32 Moment that's when I started getting really into blockchain and crypto currencies, so I co-founded to put the currency projects.
00:40 Um the first one is called the (project name), which is a biocide syndication platform for crypto investors, and the second one is called coin strategy which is a management consulting company for the crypto landscape.
00:53 I'm also an adviser to several crypto companies.
00:56 So it's really a great time to be in this space and you know the space is very much alive.
01:00 And well yeah yeah that's great to hear.
01:02 All right thanks for that.

Part 2: Introduction of Bibox
(Published on Oct 14, 2017)

00:00 So hey Tom, so can you please answer is what is Bibox?
00:03 Right so Bibox decentralized cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange within AI driven environment.
00:08 Okay and I'm Jeremy pretty cool.
00:10 So on this is a new project one looming question for me is uh, who are the people behind Bibox, were they from, where they incorporated, becoming with that?
00:18 Yeah so the company is incorporated in Estonia and Japan.
00:21 The team is comprised of former okay coin and a whole the executives.
00:26 Okay.
00:26 So okay coin and houbi are two of the largest global crypto currency exchanges.
00:30 Yeah yeah.
00:30 So stuff we're not the first time in this space.
00:31 Oh okay so they had a prior experience before this a lot of new venture basically.
00:36 Okay okay so at its heart Bibox is a marketplace where I can buy crypto currencies right.
00:41 Right.
00:41 So also currently in landscape there's like hundreds of them right.
00:44 Yes.
00:44 Yes, a lot so so as an investor is like why would I use Bibox you know what makes them different out of all these guys why would I choose Bibox.
00:53 Yeah so there's two main reasons.
00:53 Okay.
  • the first one is that there's flexible order times.
00:56 Okay.
00:56 So we can process conditional orders in Bibox, long and short order someone it can be made both in a bull and a bear market, (well yeah so we get short okay) and leverage can be had up to twenty times.
01:05 Oh okay pretty cool.
01:07 So I was like alright that's pretty awesome.
01:08 So and you also mention AI that's another part of about Bibox.
01:12 Yes right so as served as a Robo advisor, which provides in-depth quantitative technical analysis for the every day trader.
01:19 Oh so if I was using Bibox, I can have the advisor just give you tips.
01:24 Absolutely things.
01:25 Oh okay that's pretty cool thanks Tom.

Part 3: What's BIX
(Published on Oct 14, 2017)

00:00 All right Tom so wanna talk about next is actually the BIX token itself.
00:02 Right.
00:04 So um what is it, and why is it then - out a potential investor get into it.
00:08 All right so currently bibox is in the midst of their ICO.
00:12 Okay.
00:13 So there's wrong 15 days left.
00:13 So the top of the utility of the token, first off is to decrease transaction fees by half.
00:21 Okay.
00:21 Alright so in the first year it'll decrease transaction fee by half and then the next year by 25%, of that so you know each subsequent year it'll have until there's no discount offer.
00:31 Oh okay okay.
00:31 So what you're saying okay so I can get a 50% discount now, but the next year I have like a 25% discount, and then you said eventually it'll be no more discounts.
00:40 Right.
00:40 Okay okay so what is the point at the token then.
00:42 Right so at that point on the roadmap, the BIX decentralized exchange we fully decentralized right, and the BIX token will be used as gas to fuel the exchange.
00:52 Oh okay so then the token itself will be the guests of that decentralization.
00:57 Right okay that's very okay pull um sir another benefit.
01:01 Yeah so the BIX token plays a part in our VIP program.
01:04 I can't get into much detail now.
01:07 Okay.
01:07 The VIP program it offers very special benefits and allows already users that early access to summer for no AI driven tools.
01:15 Okay okay cool, okay so a VIP program gotcha.
01:18 Okay so another aspect of the VIX open by a box we'll be doing a buyback program with it?
01:25 Can you please give me more details about that.
01:26 Yeah so by boxes plan is for every quarter and 25% of the profits to be used to buy back BIX tokens on the open market right.
01:37 So they're gonna be doing is when from when the supply is 500 million all the way down to 200 million.
01:42 Okay.
01:42 Thus reducing the supply by sixty percent you know really amazing value.
01:45 Okay okay so every quarter by a box would take some of their profits like you said 25% of it of the profits, and use it to buy the BIX tokens from the market.
01:56 Yeah.
01:56 And then they'll get rid of them destroy them those tokens he bought back and so that would decrease the value and, oh sorry decreases supply.
02:02 Right.
02:05 Right right oh okay okay so then okay sign from 500 million to 200 million.
02:09 Yes.
02:09 Okay cause of that so that's that's what's gonna drive up the price value of this token you got it.
02:14 Okay all right cool thank you Tom.

Part 4: AI technology embedded in Bibox
(Published on Oct 14, 2017)

00:00 Yeah all right so Tom, what is the big things about Bibox is the key advertising AI.
00:03 Yeah right.
00:03 So um how is Bibox involved with AI.
00:07 Right, so the AI team of Bibox you know they've had several projects in the past.
00:13 Yeah yeah yeah so they've some of the pastimes were Tencent, Lenovo, Samsung, these are definitely better ease into space yeah taking that technology and transferring it over to Bibox.
00:25 Okay okay so you had experience with those projects before and now they're just putting it into Bibox that's not the market.
00:30 Oh okay okay cool.
00:31 So how are they going to implement AI onto the market.
00:33 Yeah so one component is to have an AI driven Robo advisor right.
00:37 So what this means is to have tips and advice via quantitative models, you know available for each trader, you know, so maybe you should do this, so maybe should do that.
00:49 And whatnot and on top of that there's what their speech recognition right, so we will be able to articulate what trace it was.
00:59 So you can talk to it.
00:59 Yeah so this for example I could out loud say hell wanna buy 2 Bitcoin at you know XPrize yeah yeah I mean that order will be able to be fulfilled.
01:07 Oh okay okay very cool very cool.
01:08 Okay so that's all for the users right, and I am i sir just to serve another purpose in exchanged AI.
01:15 Yeah so currently it helps with the vetting process right.
01:20 So if you look at centralized exchange of ICO (oh I see).
01:24 So if you if you look at the landscape of centralized exchanges, the vetting process goes to human eyes and ears, and it's very subjective.
01:33 Yeah right.
01:33 It could be a very corrupt process.
01:37 Okay okay.
01:37 So why box does is it automates the whole process it takes dozens of key indicators and metrics to really look at what the most reputable icos are.
01:45 So some body box really only brings in the most legitimate projects.
01:49 Okay.
01:49 So every project on by box is going to be a reputable.
01:53 Okay.
01:53 I'll VR out. Okay so I didn't trust my buddy by box all the coins that they offer they'll be reputable.
01:58 Okay very cool okay.

Part 5: Flexible Order Types of Bibox
(Published on Oct 14, 2017)

00:00 All right so, Bibox is um doing a lot of special order types?
00:03 I just want some information, can you clarify for me what kind of special orders I'll also be doing.
00:09 Yeah, so currently in the traditional crypto currency exchange landscape, the order types are very familiar right.
00:15 So buy, buy the market price or sell on the market.
00:18 Buy or sell the orders something like that.
00:19 Yeah so in if we look at the equity landscape right, there's a lot of training options for order types right.
00:27 So a few that we offer you know, number one we have automated dollar cost averaging.
00:32 Okay.
00:32 So what this means is if an investor wants to extrapolate in order of 10,000 BTC over a week to purchase you know X amount you know every day at 12 a.m.
00:44 You know they're able to sit and, that's all I need, yeah I'm going to automate the whole problem.
00:51 Okay very cool okay.
00:51 Another thing we have are we offer ice recorders.
00:55 Right and what this does is it well proofs are an exchange right.
00:57 So Wells aren't able to manipulate the market because we break down the wells orders.
01:04 Break down a larger orders a smaller order.
01:06 Yeah so this really no we're looking at out for our small investors and other that is really protects or smaller.
01:10 We also offer stop-loss stop orders.
01:14 So you know we did it so our traders can sleep well at night.
01:20 You know given the volatility in cryptocurrency, yeah yeah, big sell stop order a certain pricing but you know be able to have that trader when they're not you know.
01:28 Yeah yeah.
01:28 And if you know futures and options, you know all that be offered to.
01:34 Ya okay very cool.

Bibox Exchange[edit]

Bibox Fees[edit]

TIME The 1st Year The 2nd Year The 3rd Year The 4th Year The 5th Year
Discount Rate 50% 25% 12.5% 6.25% 0%

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User Level VOL(CNY) Commission Rate
Level 1 <10,000,000 30%
Level 2 10,000,000≤M<100,000,000 40%
Level 3 ≥100,000,000 50%

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  • About us: Bibox’s founding team is formed by top tier Chinese blockchain giants. The team includes early bitcoin enthusiasts, adopters of block chain, established series entrepreneurs, professional securities trader, Venture Capitalists (VC), high-tech Angel Investors, and one of the best AI experts in the industry.

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