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Title Info
English name Beef Tongue
Chinese name 牛舌饼
Main ingreadient Flour
Whether it contains preservatives No
Main nutrients Protein
People suitble General population

Beef tongue[edit]

  • Beef Tongue is a famous Beijing traditional snack. Heilongjiang, Taiwan, Shanxi and other places also have the snack. The beef tongue cake should be made with standard flour and dough, and mixed into the dough, the ratio is about 9: 1.5, which means 4.5 kg standard powder and noodles, add 0.75 kg of yeast noodles, add appropriate amount of alkali, and evenly揉 揉 条 揪 揪 揪 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉After two sides, it is cooked in the horse's way under the armpit.

Food introduction[edit]

Beef tongue
  • The beef tongue cake is a snack that has been served in the past, but it is rarely seen in the market. It is said that the operator is not willing to do it because he is too small. The beef tongue cake is named for its shape as a beef tongue. It is a common grilled variety in Beijing snacks. It should be made with standard flour and dough, and mixed into the dough, the ratio is about 9:1.5, which means 4.5 kg of standard powder and noodles, add 0.75 kg of yeast noodles, add appropriate amount of alkali, and evenly simmer. Growing up, smashing into small pieces, smashing into strips, smashing into thin slices, smashing the sesame sauce into rolls, smashing the two ends with both hands, then stacking the two ends together, using a rolling pin to grow round, and smashing both sides After that, it is cooked in the horse's way under the armpit.
  • It is soft and delicious. It is generally used to sandwich fritters, oil cakes or beef.


Taiwanese beef tongue cake[edit]

  • One type of Taiwanese snacks, because there is a very different type of cake in Yilan and Lukang in Taiwan, which is called a beef tongue cake, so it is strictly two kinds of snacks. The shape of these two kinds of cakes is also a long oval shaped like a beef tongue, perhaps the origin of its name.

Yilan beef tongue cake[edit]

  • Yilan beef tongue cake Yilan's beef tongue cake is characterized by narrow shape, long and thin shape, crisp and hard taste, no filling, can be regarded as a kind of biscuit, so in addition to eating at room temperature, there is another flavor after refrigerating. The material is flour, sugar, honey, etc., the materials are mixed and the rod is grown into a thin shape, and is formed by longitudinally drawing a cut in the center of the surface. Some stores now also add milk powder to make beef-flavored beef tongue cake.

Lukang beef tongue cake[edit]

  • Lukang's beef tongue cake is wide, short and thick. It has a crisp, soft taste and contains inner filling. It can actually be regarded as a kind of bread. The usual filling is maltose. The material is similar to Yilan beef tongue cake. The main method is to mix the flour, powdered sugar, water and other materials, knead the dough into a dough, wrap the inner filling and then make it oval, then fry or roast.

Heilongjiang beef tongue cake[edit]

  • Heilongjiang beef tongue cake is not colored in color. It is coated with white sugar. It is delicious and soft, sweet and not greasy. It is shaped like a beef tongue. It has excellent taste and is rated as “dim. "The treasures", in recent years, its sellers have gradually reduced, gradually away from people's sights! However, that kind of deliciousness will be the forever aftertaste of all the Northeasters who have come out!

Shanxi beef tongue cake[edit]

  • Shanxi beef tongue cake, mainly in the area of Lvliangxing County. The shape of the Shanxi beef tongue is long oval, which is similar to the beef tongue. It is different from other local beef tongue cakes. Shanxi beef tongue cake is golden in color. The upper layer is still made by hand. It is delicious, crisp, soft and long-lasting. Not awkward. Because of the location of the mountainous area in Shanxi, Shanxi beef tongue cake, the world knows, has been gradually known in recent years!

Weifang beef tongue cake[edit]

  • Weifang beef tongue shape is long elliptical, named after the beef tongue. The production process is complicated, the materials used are relatively elegant, and it is famous for its thickness, shortness, narrowness, fragrance and crispness. The specific rise of the age has not been verified. The history is very long. Weifang Linyi beef tongue cake is the most famous. It is the main hospitality snack made by the local owner. With the continuous development of living standards, the beef tongue cake gradually fades out people's life, but its culture and deliciousness. It will be passed down forever, and the history is precipitated, which is the most precious.

Production production[edit]

Raw material[edit]

  • Filling: 150 grams of medium-gluten flour, 65 grams of cooked sesame seeds, 120 grams of white sugar, 10 grams of salt, 10 grams of pepper powder, and 2 egg whites.
  • Water skin: 200 grams of medium-gluten flour, 40 grams of white oil, 35 grams of white sugar, 120 ml of clear water.
  • Crisp: 150 grams of medium-gluten flour and 80 grams of white oil.


  • First, the filling practice
  • 1. The raw materials used are relatively scattered, and it is recommended to weigh them separately.
  • 2. Put the medium-gluten flour into the steamer and remove it after steaming for 20 minutes. Steamed cooked flour is poured on the chopping board.
  • 3. Use a rolling pin to smash the steamed flour. The steamed flour will have agglomerated particles.
  • 4. Cooked sesame + white sugar + salt + pepper powder mixed. Cooked sesame seeds can be used in black or white, or they can be mixed.
  • 5. Put the egg whites in the mixed dry stuffing and knead them into a group.
  • 6. Shape the stuffing of the good group and cut it into small pieces.
  • Second, the practice of water skin and oil skin
  • 7. First make the water skin: the raw materials of the water skin are prepared.
  • 8. Medium-gluten flour + white oil + white sugar + clear water.
  • 9. Mix well without dry powder, cover with plastic wrap or wet cloth and set aside.
  • 10. Below the oil meringue, the pastry requires only white oil and flour.
  • 11. Flour is mixed with white oil.
  • 12. You can use it as a reserve. If there is no white oil, you can use salad oil and replace it with the same amount.
  • Third, the practice of combining into meringue
  • 13. Remove the water skin dough and use a rolling pin to form a thin rectangular dough.
  • 14. Cut the fresh-keeping bag, place it under the oil skin and cover it on the oil skin, and use a rolling pin to make a small oily skin.
  • 15. Carefully uncover the oil skin and buckle it in the middle of the water.
  • 16. Wrap the oily skin with the extra skin on the four sides of the skin. If it is not enough, you can take a look and squeeze the seams.
  • 17. Turn over, seams face down, and roll with a rolling pin. The knife is cut in the middle of the patch.
  • 18. The top piece is rolled into a roll from top to bottom, and the lower piece is rolled from bottom to top. Use a knife to cut into the same large amount of noodles for use.
  • 19. Cut 16 kinds of noodles, if you are afraid of air drying, it is recommended to cover with a layer of plastic wrap.
  • 20. The filling is also cut into 16 portions according to the aliquot weight of the agent.
  • 21. The filling is rounded by hand to make it easy to make bread.
  • 22. Take a water-in-oil facial agent, press it in the middle, and the two sides of the mouth receive the middle, and use a rolling pin to make a dumpling-like skin.
  • 23. Put the filling in the skin.
  • 24. Slowly tighten the mouth with a mouth and finally round it.
  • 25. Do all the facial blasts as described above.
  • 26. Use a rolling pin to avoid licking too thin, otherwise the taste will be hard.
  • 27. The baking tray is covered with tin foil, and the surface is double-layered with oil.
  • 28. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and the middle layer of the oven for about 15 minutes.
  • 29. Never avoid baking for too long, otherwise the taste will be very hard. It is not necessary to surface the color when baking, and the beef tongue cake is originally white.


  • Here are two important points to remind you:
  • 1. When you do it, you don't need to achieve the coloring of general baking. The beef tongue cake is originally a white drop. Low-temperature baking is recommended. Don't take too long. If the baking time is too long, it will make the taste of the cake very hard.
  • 2, when the system is not followed by the principle of thinness, try to be thicker, this will also avoid the hardening of the taste when heating.

Practice two[edit]


  • Material
  • Wheat flour 280g
  • Excipient
  • 2 eggs
  • seasoning
  • Water 50 ml
  • Lard (refining) 65g
  • Sugar powder 10g
  • Milk powder 10g
  • Honey 5g
  • Salt and pepper 15 grams
  • 30 grams of sesame seeds
  • White sesame seeds 30 g
  • White sugar 120g

Beef tongue practice[edit]

  • A, pastry: 80 grams of flour, 40 grams of lard
  • B, water and oil skin: 100 grams of flour, 50 ml of warm water, 25 grams of lard, 10 grams of powdered sugar, 10 grams of milk powder, 5 grams of honey
  • C, filling: 15 grams of salt and pepper, 30 grams of black sesame seeds, 30 grams of white sesame seeds, 120 grams of white sugar, 100 grams of flour (cooked), egg white 2
  • 1. Prepare the above-mentioned ingredients and fry the flour in the ingredients C.
  • 2. Black and white sesame saute, black and white sesame, egg white, white sugar, salt and pepper, mix well, sieve into the fried flour and mix well, cover the plastic wrap and let stand
  • 3. Sift the flour in the food A, put it into lard, repeatedly knead the dough into a pastry, cover the plastic wrap.
  • 4. Sift the flour in the ingredients B, add lard, powdered sugar, milk powder, slowly pour the honey into the warm water, repeatedly rub the water and oil dough, until the dough is smooth and not sticky, cover the plastic wrap, and the dough Relax for about 1 hour together
  • 5. Divide the water-oil dough, pastry dough, and filling into 20g/piece aliquots, knead them into small balls, take a pastry dough, and place them on the water and oil skin.
  • 6. The tiger's mouth tightens the water and oil skin, so that the water and oil dough is wrapped in the dough, and the mouth is squeezed to avoid running.
  • 7. The wrapped dough is covered with plastic wrap for 20 minutes, and the loose dough is closed with the mouth facing down and turned into an oval shape.
  • 8. Turn the dough over, roll it from bottom to top, roll it, place the dough close down
  • 9. Lightly press the middle with a rolling pin and turn it into an oval again, rolling up from bottom to top.
  • 10. Place the cover down, cover the plastic wrap for 20 minutes, take a roll, fold in half from the middle.
  • 11. Press into a piece, knead into a round dough, put in the filling, wrap the dough, close the mouth and pinch
  • 12. Place the mouth down and gently smash it into an oval shape with a rolling pin.
  • 13. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees, all the dough is processed, and adjust the green pigment a little.
  • 14. Write the name of the filling on the crust, put it in the middle of the oven, and bake for 20-25 minutes.
  • [1]

Main effect[edit]

  • Beef tongue cake has the effect of nourishing the heart and kidney, strengthening the spleen and thickening the intestines, removing heat and quenching thirst.

Taboos and side effects[edit]

  • Diabetic patients are careful to eat.

Food Culture[edit]

  • In the Ming Dynasty, "Mu Xiao Xiao Lu" said that Beijingers used to be called sesame seeds on the surface, and no sesame seeds. There is no sesame on the surface of the beef tongue cake. According to the above criteria, it should be burnt.


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