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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Aragon is to build unstoppable organizations on Ethereum. Allowing the creation of value without borders or intermediaries.
  • Aragon is a project that aims to disintermediate the creation and maintenance of organizational structures by using blockchain technology.
  • Aragon wants to empower people across the world to easily and securely manage their organizations.
  • Aragon provides the tools for anyone to become an entrepreneur and run their own organization, to take control of their own lives.
  • By making it possible for everyone in the world to organize, Aragon is enabling a borderless, permissionless and more efficient creation of value.


  • Reclaim your independence: Goodbye to unnecessary intermediaries - Aragon organizations are powered by Ethereum, a global blockchain for running unstoppable applications. In Ethereum, code and applications always run without any possibility of downtime or censorship.
  • A digital jurisdiction: Imagine a nation without land and borders - Aragon Network will be the first community governed decentralized organization whose goal is to act as a digital jurisdiction, an online decentralized court system that isn’t bound by traditional artificial barriers such as national jurisdictions or the borders of a single country.


  • Slogan: Unstoppable organizations.
  • Slogan: Create value without borders or intermediaries.
  • Slogan: Fighting for the freedom to organize.
  • The first step towards a more fair, efficient world: We are building Aragon because we believe decentralized organizations can solve the world’s worst problems.
  • Aragon (ANT) is based in Spain.


  • The official ticker symbol for Aragon token: ANT
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 39,609,524 ANT
  • Circulating Supply: 32,252,180 ANT


  • ICO on 17 May 2017.

Video Playlist[edit]

ICO Review of : Aragon (ANT tokens)

00:00 Good day everyone, this is CryptoPortfolio and my name is Dan.
00:02 Soon Aragon will start collecting money for its development and I think this project deserves your attention.
00:08 In this video, I will show you the team, the main idea and crowd sale details.
00:13 I hope the information in this review will be useful for you.
00:17 The team consists of two main personalities.
00:20 Luis Cuende, the project lead and Jorge Izquierdo, tech lead.
00:26 Both have experience with blockchain technology, but let's take a closer look at the information they provided on Aragon site.
00:31 Luis Cuende has been awarded has the best underage European programmer in 2011, also he was listed as Forbes 30 under 30 and an MIT TR 35.
00:42 He also co-founded the project Stampery, which is a blockchain project concentrated on time technology in blockchain world.
00:49 Jorge is a creator of multiple publications for mobile devices.
00:52 It has been experimenting the blockchain since 2014.
00:57 The advisors are well known in blockchain world entrepreneurs.
01:01 Which you could Jake Bruckhman, co-founder of CoinFund, Kenny Rowe, COO of Dai Foundation, maker creators, Brayton Williams, founding partner as boost VC, quite an impressive list.
01:20 What is the main idea?
01:20 Aragon wants to become the place where companies can create their own DAOs, with governance tools, code system a breathability and app store.
01:30 More importantly, they want common companies to operate on arrogant platform, shifting governance from paper the blockchain based application.
01:38 Let's have a closer look, founders want to create a place with very easy to use tools to create and govern the centralized autonomous organizations.
01:46 They will have different options which you can apply during DAO creation.
01:50 Basically they want to standardize the process like wing style project.
01:55 They will implement so-called court system which will solve human related problems, which arise during DAO governance.
02:04 The upgrade ability option is one of the cornerstones of the Aragon project, founders want to solve the problem of bugs using this mechanism.
02:11 They really want to emphasize on commercial companies using their applications, adoption is important for them.
02:20 In order for companies to use their decentralized application, they will implement everyday business activities into the Aragon.
02:27 For example, they will add account into their platform, to widen pool of available functions for the centralized organizations on Aragon platform, they open sourced a project and plan to implement modular system, like melon pour.
02:42 Crowd sale will last four weeks with the change in price for n tokens on the third week, ICO is starting today.
02:51 Developers of Aragon have really made a strange decision to include so-called hidden cap in their contract code.
02:59 What does it mean? if you invest your money, you don't know when the contract will reach its capacity.
03:07 As they stated, they wanted to have as many participants in the cloud sale as possible.
03:11 I think that developers are a little bit greedy but at least it's not modified Dutch auction, time will show.
03:18 First two weeks, you will get 100 ANT tokens for one ETH.
03:22 From third week you will get only 66 ANT for one ETH.
03:28 Contract address is already revealed, so now you simply have to make a decision whether to invest or not.
03:33 At the same, founders of Aragon will not touch all of their on tokens for at least two years.
03:40 They will get 25% of their tokens every six months until they get the opportunity to use all of their tokens at the end of the second year.
03:50 They force advisers to do the same but with smaller resting periods, last in six months.
03:54 It means that they will get half of their tokens three months after ICO and the second half in six months.
04:02 The distribution of tokens is quite basic, 70% will go to investors, 50% the contingency fund, 15 percent goes to founders and advisors.
04:12 The allocation of a CEO funds is centered on development, developer espero.
04:16 Operations takes 70%, market in 12 and legal five.
04:22 Thanks for watching the presentation, as you can see I change the format a little bit.
04:27 Due to a lack of time, I couldn't add additional interesting information about this project.
04:32 But the next videos will have more slides with deeper analytics of the projects.
04:37 If you have any comments about how I can improve in my presentations, you can leave your opinions in the comment section below or contact me in my telegram chat group.
04:45 Hope to see in my next video, bye until the next time.

Aragon Core[edit]

  • Decentralized application to run your organization.
  • Managing your organization has never been easier.
  • Official Aragon Core

Aragon Network[edit]

  • Ensuring the success of decentralized organizations.
  • Putting the power back into the hands of the users: The Aragon Network will decentralize its governance by gradually handing over control of the project to its users.
  • Official Aragon Network

Aragon Foundation[edit]

  • Cornerstone for architecting the project.
  • Heart of the early development: The Aragon Foundation is laying down the first bricks on the road to what will become.
  • The Aragon Foundation is a non-profit organization which was created to nurture the project in its early phases.
  • Developing the platform and project towards maturity is the main duty of the Foundation. Other activities include motivating external developers to build more functionality and applications on Aragon to boost adoption of the technology.
  • Official Aragon Foundation




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Team members[edit]

  • List of team members in Aragon (ANT).
List of team members
Name Position Details
Luis Cuende Project Lead

Official site (website): Official Twitter account: Medium (blog, article, news): Github: Website (site): Website (site):

  • Luis Cuende is the project Lead on Aragon (ANT), a cryptocurrency project.
  • Previously cofounded at StamperyCo.
  • Advisor to multiple crypto projects that awake his curiosity.
  • Hacker, free culture, Bitcoin lover, music addict.
  • Full name: Luis Iván Cuende.
Jorge Izquierdo Tech Lead
Maria Gomez Strategy & Operations Lead
Tatu Karki Communications Director
Luke Duncan Research Lead
Oliver Nordbjerg Web3 Engineer
Pierre Bertet UI & Interaction Developer
Brett Sun EVM Engineer


  • List of advisors for Aragon (ANT).
Name Position Details
Mihai Alisie Ethereum cofounder and AKASHA founder
Jake Brukhman Cofounder at CoinFund
Kenny Rowe COO of Dai Foundation
Brayton Williams Founding Partner at Boost VC


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