Almond Jelly

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Title Info
English name Almond Jelly
Chinese name 杏仁冻
Main ingreadient Almond, konjac
Whether it contains preservatives No
Side effect No

Almond jelly[edit]

  • Almond Freeze is a healthy food inspired by the almond tofu of old Beijing, which can be easily produced by the family.


  • A healthy food that can be easily produced by the family.


  • Almond pulp 200ml, konjac powder 1g, a large spoon of rock sugar powder, lemon syrup amount (can be saved).


  • 1. Add the rock sugar powder and konjac powder to the almond paste and mix well.
  • 2, open the fire to open the almond pulp, turn off the fire after boiling, pour into the mold to cool.
  • 3, the cooled jelly is poured out, topped with lemon syrup (can be omitted) [1]


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