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πŸ“ˆ Market price: Agoras Tokens (AGRS)

✨ About[edit]

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  • Tau is a decentralized blockchain network intended to solve the bottlenecks inherent in large scale human communication and accelerate productivity in human collaboration using logic based Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Human-Machine-Human communication: the core principle is that the users can not only interact with each other but also make their statements clear to their Tau client.
  • Our paradigm enables Tau to deduce areas of consensus among its users in real time, allowing the network to boost communication by acting as an intermediary between humans. It does so by collecting the opinions and preferences its users wish to share and logically constructing opinions into a semantic knowledge base.
  • Able to deduce consensus and understand discussions, Tau can automatically generate and execute code on consensus basis, through a process known as code synthesis.

πŸ“– Info list[edit]

  • Name: Agoras Tokens
  • Ticker symbol: AGRS
  • Types: Cryptocurrency, smart contract platform
  • Issue date: July 4, 2018
  • Issue price: $0.2 USD
  • Cryptographic algorithm: SHA256
  • Consensus protocol: Proof of Work (POW)
  • Max supply: 42,000,000 AGRS / 42 Million AGRS
  • Location: Worldwide

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